Saturday Shipping Surcharge

Saturday Shipping Surcharge

For customers wishing to order 5 days of cleanse in a row shipped to anywhere other than TX and OK, this requires a $16 surcharge for Saturday delivery.

Certified organic. Cold-pressed 35°. Glass bottled.

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Byron Runka

Amazing!! high quality!! delicious!! Especially loved the grapefruit blend!!

Deanna Ellis

Did a tasting today of various juices. I'm doing the one day cleanse on Monday. Can't wait!

Kathleen Trice Jenkins

Has improved my health & vigor. Saves me time from having to juice and do the cleanup. I loved all their products

Christine Harris

My first time and I'm in love 04 Blue Lemonade 💙💙💙 #BudaJuice

Audrey Vasenius Anderson

Just had the most amazing almond milk ever!

Dave Lopez

Clean, refreshing and healthy. what could be better?

Kate Cochran Morgan

Love this place!! I am hooked. Gives me so much energy. I feel more focused and less Hungry. It’s a great feeling!

Sydney Maners

I could eat the soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. YUM!!!

Royal Sakeyetha Stafford

Blue lemonade (Apple, lemonade, cucumber) so refreshing

Jessica Sorrell

Currently doing one day cleanse. Filling/yummy and love how you can bring back the bottles for a dollar off your next purchase!

Lauren Angela Moore

Yummy juices! Can't wait to try them all when we move up there!!!

Morgan Jensen

My husband and I just tried your juices for the first time today. I had green, he had red. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!! And absolutely LOVE that they are in glass. Thank you for making this available to our Frisco community!!

Susan Bugg

Amazing !!! I can't get enough of it. Addicted beyond words.

Fox Holt

Greatness. I went in for the juice but was shocked at how good the soups were as well.

Chase Corder

This stuff is so good. I especially like the beet juice (#2) and the "lemonade" (#4). I strongly recommend that everyone try it out!

Kate Kozarevich

Blue Lemonade.....cucumber, apple and lemon juice = DELISH!!!!!

Gee-Gee Spears-Scott

Last night I couldn't get there before closing and the gentleman working stayed open a few minutes late so that I could purchase my juice. Now that's customer service. It was so worth the drive my juices are delicious!!!!!!! Will be back later this week.

An Trương Do

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and don't forget to try their samples if they're dishing them out! you'll be glad you did. It will give you a great idea of just exactly what they offer and you'll be surprised in how tasty their choices are as well!

Lorena Ramirez

Never new healthy could taste so good! Wish I could get these in El Paso, TX!

Teresa Taponpanh

Cold pressed juices made with the finest and freshest ingredients. The juices are simple yet in a way that it suites any mood you're in. Feeling green? Get the #1. Want a nice sweet treat? Try the #2. I took home #4 blue lemonade & it was a great refresher to begin my day. The basilato soup was very new and fresh to me - I enjoy the fact that this is centrally located in Plano and is already made to go. No waiting for it to get juiced, no paper receipts so we can save the trees. This place has my heart. Thank you for your kind service today!

Heather Clay

They are DELICIOUS!! I'm going to do the 3 day cleanse next week! I can't wait.

Laura E. Ostteen

Addicted and I'm not even complaining. The ginger shots are amazing!

Chung Faidacane

Great product… esp at Stone Briar mall. I usually stop their a few times weekly for to get my Beet juice mixed with the Almond juice.

Letitia Nicole

Just purchased Buda Juice today and I am so excited. Can't wait to get on track with healthy living. Thank you!

Kiersten Bond

Buda Juice in West Village is a regular place I tend to visit! Today I was in a major hurry (as usual) bought my juice and ran out the door to only cut the turn to close hitting my arm on the door and dropping and shattering my juice! (Yeah my depth perception must be very off! Ha) I felt terrible of making the mess and the workers were so sweet and instantly handed me a new one. I wanted to pay for the new one since it was my mistake plus I made a mess for them to clean up but they refused. I really appreciate them being so friendly and cleaning up my little disaster. I'll definitely recommend them to my clients! Thank you again and don't worry I'll be back very soon!!

Brandon Alexander Smith

I juice at home daily. Was running late for work so I tried Buda Juice in the Plaza for the first time. Very impressed, I will be back soon! #JuiceOn

Gary Vaughn

I tried the one day cleanse about a week ago. Then yesterday I bought the three day cleanse. I have type-2 diabetes and was trying to see if I could get my blood glucose levels within their normal range. They've been on the average in the 170's and my A1C was 7.8 in November. I will probably extend my current 3 day cleanse to a 5 day cleanse to see what will happen.

Benny Mitchell

Tastes good and feels good!

Catherine Clarke

I absolutely love Buda Juice. I work right across the street from the Plaza of America and get one every day to start my day. I just wish they had one closer to me where I live in Irving. I always want one first thing in the morning on the weekend. Buda Juice you need to open a store in Coppell!

Joshua Coburn

Insanely impressed!!! A forever customer! Can't wait for more #'s to be added to the line!