Shipping FAQ

1) Why do I not see free shipping nationwide?

Our box is heavy...16 pounds for 6 bottles to be exact...and full of perishable juice that has to get to you fast.  Shipping this much weight quickly isn't cheap...even though we work with UPS to get the best rates possible and subsidize as much as we can.  Shipping next day by air is just super, super expensive unfortunately.  

We could cut corners and use plastic which weighs less than glass, but that's not the Buda way for several reasons.  The juice not only tastes better but there are no harmful chemicals (from plastic) that can leak into the juice.  Glass is 100% natural and 100% recyclable, so it's great for the environment as well.  

We also place several ice packs and insulation in the box to ensure the temperature stays cold throughout transit.  Keeping the juice cold is important to maximize nutrients and enzymes and make sure you are getting the full benefits of our living juice...not to mention the safety part.

All of this means our box weighs quite a bit and shipping is not cheap, but trust us it is worth it and we are doing our best to charge you the least amount we can.  Just wait until you taste the pureness of Buda Juice.  You will feel the difference.

2) How long will it take to get my juice?

If we receive your order by 3pm CST, we will ship your juice the next day.  Usually it will be in transit one to two days depending on where you live.  However, currently it will only be in transit one day given the extreme summer heat.  We give you delivery dates to choose from that are based on these shipping times.  So you can expect to receive your juice on the day you pick.  If you do not for some reason, please reach out to us at  

We deliver to TX and OK M-Th.  Outside of those states we deliver M-W, except for the 3-day cleanse.  We are only able to ship that M-W in TX and OK and M-T everywhere else due to the short shelf life of our juice.

3) What do I do when my juice arrives?

Please place your juice into the fridge as soon as possible.  There are enough ice packs to keep it cold enough until it arrives but it needs to be placed in the fridge to maintain this temperature, so please select a day when you will be around to do so. The ice packs will mostly likely not be frozen by the time they arrive but this is okay. They are designed to keep the juice cold enough until it arrives at your doorstep.

4) Where is the rest of my 3-day cleanse?

Due to the shelf life of our juice, we cannot ship all 3 days of a 3-day cleanse together. We ship the first day or two to arrive on the delivery date that you choose. The remainder will arrive the following day or two.  Please keep on the lookout for it.  We do this to make sure you have the freshest juice possible.  

5) Why is my soup not 100% full?

We always fill the soup to the brim of the bottle, but sometimes there is a hidden air bubble in the tomatoes that escapes after we have sealed it, resulting in the 70% full look. We promise the soup was not's just a phenomenon that happens ever so often.

6) Can I freeze the juice?

Buda Juice is best consumed fresh and we do not recommend freezing.  However, if freezing is necessary, please ensure the bottles are not full, as liquid expands when it freezes and will cause the glass bottle to crack if there is no room for expansion.  Alternatively, if you have freeze safe containers it might be a good idea to transfer the juice to those before freezing.  When ready to drink, defrost in the refrigerator (not at room temperature) and enjoy within 24 hours.  

7) Who do I contact with any questions?

Please send all questions to  We look forward to hearing from you.